Thursday, July 25, 2013

Slice of Mommy-Heaven

It honestly hurts to be away from this place so long. Today I'm back, no matter how long it's been or how short this post will be.  I'm grateful that today everything is not wrong. Today I have peace because I surrender the things I am not in control of, like my children's behavior.  I have calm.  And this I say is...
"just for today."

It's July 25th and it finally feels like summer to me, mainly I think because we've finally begun swimming lessons.  This year we have reached the magical ages, where both my boys are old enough to take a lesson on their own.  I have graduated from "Mommy and Me" swimming.  Now, I get them in their suits, spray on the sunscreen, hand them off to their young, spritely, beautifully tanned swim teachers (who have no idea how good it feels as a parent to hand them off to young, spritely beautifully tanned swim teachers) and relax with a cold drink under the shaded bleachers.  Thirty-minutes.  A full 30 minutes, I sit.  Both my children are in full view.  They are outside, getting in the fresh air, enjoying the water, learning an important skill... supervised by somebody else.  It's a small slice of Mommy-heaven and today I am grateful.

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