Friday, February 7, 2014


Shock. Devastation. Loss. Sadness. Raw talent, gone.  All of these things went through my mind the moment I heard about the death of one of my favorite actors, Philip Seymour Hoffman.


I was devastated. The tragedy felt so close to home because of the issue of addiction.  I wanted to do something.  Anything.  But what could I possibly do?  What could I do to help make his passing more meaningful to myself and maybe someone else.  All I could think of to do was write.

The first time I saw him was in the 1997 film, Boogie Nights.  In this movie  Hoffman's character is rebuffed, after trying to kiss the lead character played by Mark Walhberg. I will never forget the the genius of that scene.  Hoffman's character banging his head repeatedly on a car steering wheel, chanting "I'm a f--in idiot, I'm a f--in idiot…"  The pain, the humiliation, the shame was palpable.  I think it was the most uncomfortable I've felt for a film character, ever.

more to come…

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