Monday, April 1, 2013

Okay, so I ate the Easter candy

Yes, I'm fresh off a binge. Damn it. I was doing so well for a number of weeks.  My downfall... going out to dinner with my family for Easter and ordering cake.  Man... I should have known better.  The slices were enormous and decadent. They were big enough that two people sharing it could each eat too much and then still have a decent size piece left-over.  Once I pushed my fork through...
the cream cheese frosting and tender carrot-cakey goodness, I was a goner.  I just couldn't stop. When I came home, the sickness continued with some Easter candy and chocolate eggs.  Later when my husband went to bed, I finished off with part of my son's left-over cake -- a cake,  I should add, that I don't even particularly enjoy.

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