Thursday, April 18, 2013

Immediately Awesome

I don't know if you can relate, but the reoccurring thought in my head that I have to be immediately awesome at something, even if I've never done it before is a paralyzing force. So paralyzing that it...
keeps me from putting my thoughts down on paper, or cyber-paper, as it were. So paralyzing that it keeps me from doing what I love to do, what makes me feel the most "me."  So if I choose NOT to do the thing that makes me feel the most like myself, where does that leave me?

I'll tell you where...

Face down in a bowl full of Reduced-Guilt popcorn (ironically enough), after my kids are asleep and my husband is out.  Not a pretty sight.  Especially when one bowl turns into three before the next commercial break.

I am embarrassed to admit, this is progress.  I have to remember where I used to be.  That Reduced-Guilt popcorn used to be a bag of Cheddar Cheese and Bacon flavored Potato Skin chips...followed by a pair of Chocolate Bavarian Cream-filled eclairs.  And that's what I'm willing to admit to.

So, tonight I'm trying something different.  I'm writing this post after my kids have gone to bed, and the husband is out-- even though, and probably just because it's not awesome.

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