Sunday, September 16, 2012

Being a Mom is Freaking Hard

A few days after having my first child, I seriously thought, "How in the hell can there be so many people in the world, because why would anyone do this to themselves more than once!?"  
I was a mess. Exhausted and overwhelmed. I joined a Mommy Club in a desperate attempt to find someone to commiserate. The very first mom I met said to me glowingly, "Don't you just love being a mom?"  I replied in a non-committal, unconvincing tone, "Yeah."  I wanted to punch her in the face. 

Of course, things did change and they did get easier and I even decided to "do it to myself" one more time.  What I realize today is, "I loved my child," for sure, but "being a mom" in those early days... not so much.  And now that my boys are ages 5 and 2, a lot of things have gotten easier, but it's still freaking HARD

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