Monday, August 5, 2013

How I Went (now) 49 Days Without Sugar

When I say "sugar" I am referring to the kinds of junk food I have discovered over the years that I cannot "eat like a lady;" cookies, cupcakes, candy bars, carmel popcorn, etc.  I refer to this as "recreational sugar." I don't mean that I consume no sugar whatsoever.  I am aware there is sugar in all kinds of foods like fruit, crackers, ketchup, some yogurts, etc.  These are not the foods I'm referring to.  One of the things I did...

1. I did it without swearing off sugar altogether.

At no point did I say... "I'm never, ever going to eat these foods again."  I started with one day.  Just one day.  I asked a power greater than myself (could be God, mother nature, the wind) to help me get through one day without those foods.

As a result, today I am have freedom from:

1.  Feeling guilty for eating 7 cookies, when I told myself I would just have one.
2.  Hating myself after eating so much food, I am physically uncomfortable.
3.  All of the time I waste beating myself up.
4.  25 pounds (so far) of extra weight.
5. The compulsion to eat recreational sugar on a daily basis.

One of my favorite sayings right now: "If it's not an option, it's not a problem."

Today I have gained:

1. Clarity of mind.  The ability to think clearer.
2. Ability to be truly present, for myself and others. Mainly because I'm not obsessing over what I just ate or would like to eat.
3. The energy and inclination to dress better.

These are just a few of the things I have gained.  To discover more... check back tomorrow.

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