Saturday, August 3, 2013

What was once a "slice," today is gone.

So, remember when I wrote just 2 posts ago about that slice of Mommy-heaven... getting a 30 minute break while I watched both my kids take swim lessons?  Well, that's gone down the tubes.  My 3-year old has decided he doesn't want to swim and refuses to get in the pool for the lesson.  (big breath in, big breath out... sigh) Today, I'm just happy I enjoyed those 3 times when he did.  I'm not sure how I'm going...
to approach the next 4 lessons we already paid for.  Putting up with the screams and protests that begin with putting on the bathing suit, then getting out of the car and walking to the pool... quite frankly, it's just too stressful.  I know it can't be a good thing to force it, but he also says he has fun afterwards.  I'm at a loss. (crikey!)

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