Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Deliberate life full of purpose

This is me four years ago, sprawled out in the waters of St. Barts.  It was one of the most peaceful, most contented moments I can remember. 
It is with great humility that I write these posts about freedom from recreational sugar.  I do not claim to be an "expert" in any sense of the word.  I'm not special.  I am posting this to say...
I have been willing to try something different and by the grace of some power greater than myself, it is working today.  I accept that tomorrow may bring something different.  It just takes one compulsive bite to trigger the addiction.  The difference is, today I have faith that being "in the food," is not where I am meant to be.  I am not meant to be paralyzed by shame and guilt, shutting out the world as I retreat to the safety of my couch, television and food.  I will go to any length to be free of the disease of compulsive overeating.  Today, this means abstaining from sugar.

I am meant to live a deliberate life full of purpose.  And we can do this, even if we sometimes, or often times find solace in excess food.

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